Distribution of Children Toys and Board Games

Distribution of Children Toys and Board Games

The “Paritet-Service” Group (ps.ua) is one of the biggest toy company in Ukraine. We have grown up from a small company to the experienced distributor of toys from world’s leading manufacturers and earned a trustworthy professional reputation. Our business is based on the exclusive partnerships with global manufacturers providing only the best toys. For our suppliers we are a stable and financially reliable partner, fulfilling its liabilities under any market condition, and for our customers – the guarantor of quality and well-timed deliveries.

We continuously consider all demands of the Ukrainian consumers and have a solid experience in toy wholesale. As a matter of experience, we have chosen the appropriate variety of toys for any age providing high quality for reasonable price.

Our goal is to satisfy the customers’ demands with good logistic services at the minimal time and costs. Our relationship with the customers is based on the following main principles: open-mindedness, transparency and honesty.

Apart from the successful distribution business, we strongly focused on e-commerce and domestic toy manufacturing.

Furthermore, we maintain the biggest professional online toy store “Ogoshka” (https://ogoshka.ua/). Today “Ogoshka” is a strong, competitive retailer with the widest range of toys, fair and reliable price policy and excellent services.

In addition, you should pay attention to our publishing company FEELINDIGO (http://www.feelindigo.com/). This is a young, energetic, creative team that develops its own board games and puzzles. They also localizes world hits of board games for the Ukrainian market.

Another succeeding branch is toy development and production. We created ToysLab (www.toyslab-e.com), which is not just a company but also a community of parents united by the desire to develop the best toys for their own children. The concept behind each toy from ToysLab is unique and has been tried and tested successfully in the domestic market. Our toys are designed with safety and durability in mind. Only the highest-grade materials are used, rigorous testing procedures ensure that quality standards remain consistently high.

Until now ToysLab has successfully developed and launched such brands as BeBeLino, TrueDough, WUMBA, Science Agents, Asya, Play Baby.

Our biggest honor is TrueDough – eco and safe modeling dough for small kids. The dough consists of food ingredients only and manufactured in Ukraine with our patented technology. We export TrueDough to more than 15 countries, including Italy, UK, France, etc.

ToysLab is the regular exhibitor in Nuremberg (Spielwarenmesse). And of course, we are the permanent participant of the Ukrainian toy fair “Baby Expo”. We made the campaigns at the Kickstarter and Indiegogo.

We also stand for the fair trade and equitable development of the toy industry in Ukraine. “PARITET-TOYS” is one of the founders of the Ukrainian Toy Industry Association (www.uaii.org.ua). Our mission is to introduce civilized rules of toy business within Ukraine, development of quality children’s toys market, which meets high international quality standards. Our goal is to combine the efforts of all stakeholders of the Industry for the purposes of furthering its social and economic development, to facilitate maximum gratification of needs of children in quality toys.

Needless to say that we are open to any new opportunities and feel free to contact us. 

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